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SB394 Q&A on the Off-Highway Vehicle Registration Program

Q: How much will it cost me to register my off-highway vehicle?
A: $20 per year for registration and a one time title fee (titling is mandatory for new sales and optional for older vehicles).

Q: Where will the money go?
A: Money from registrations will go to a designated OHV Fund, not available for General Fund use. Money will be given out through a grant process, with strict percentages of what type of projects the money can be used for. An OHV Commission will oversee the Fund and the grants, the majority of whom are riders and enthusiasts.

Q: What are some of the things the money in the Fund can go to?
A: The majority of the money is allocated for trail maintenance, trail and facility construction, land allocation for new trails, mapping and signage, restoration of trail areas, and education and rider safety.

Q: Will I be able to apply for a grant for the project I want?
A: Yes.

Q: Will I still have to buy a temporary pass to ride in another state?
A: Our surrounding states will provide reciprocity to riders that are registered in Nevada.

Q: Where do I go to register and/or title my off-highway vehicle?
A: Your dealership. Your local dealer will be able do everything from VIN inspections, to paperwork for your registration and title. You will not have to go to DMV.

Q: What are the riding regulations that this bill creates?
A: The only new rider regulation this bill creates is for the registration of OHVs on public lands. This does not provide new laws to dictate or restrict the use of OHVs, rather it provides a tool and funding to promote continued, responsible use of OHVs on public lands.

Q: How will this affect my riding areas?
A: Having a state OHV program will help in the fight to keep public lands open. A program to support responsible riding, which most of us do anyway, will help Nevada avoid massive land closures and land grabs by the Federal Government.

Q: Will this help with financing and/or insurance for my off-highway vehicle?
A: Yes. Many banks, credit unions, and insurance providers require a title. Having a title will give you more lender options to choose from.

Q: Will I get in trouble for not registering my off-highway vehicle?
A: If you operate on public lands, your vehicle needs to be registered. There are penalties for not doing so, but by doing so you are supporting a program that benefits the riders and Nevada.

Q: When will this law take affect?
A: The program will be started 12 months from the date start-up funding is secured. This means your vehicle will likely need to be registered around the middle of 2011.